Culinary Beginnings

The Big Guy has started cooking lessons. And he is loving every minute of it.

Once he really started to show an interest – obsessively watch cooking shows, asking me over and over to learn to cook – I decided I wanted him to learn the correct ways to do things. I know that I can cook … but when it comes to say, knife skills and other things? I have none.

I started researching local cooking schools and was surprised to see that there really was not much available for kids. Period. The ones I did find usually had a minimum age of 10, and were in a group setting. Nothing one on one. Some required parents be present – like a mommy and me class. And the prices. (Don’t get me going on the prices.) I was not sure what I was going to do when I put it out on Facebook too see if anyone knew of a place I had overlooked. That’s when Jason contacted me.

Jason and I went to school together from the time we were 12 and have remained friends till this day. I knew that he had been a chef. I had no idea he had just started his own cooking lessons for kids from his home – Culinary Beginnings. I was thrilled!

I should tell you now that this post is in no way sponsored. I am spreading the word because I think he is an amazing teacher and I want to help him get the word out.

The Big Guy and I arrived last month for his very first class. Jason has a beautiful kitchen in his Woonsocket home, complete with an area for parents to sit and wait during the lesson – with charging stations. I watched and smiled as my son got to pick out his own apron and put his name on it. Since it was the first lesson, Jason asked the Big Guy several questions about what he wanted to learn, what he did and didn’t like when it came to food – even what kind of music he liked (because you need music in the kitchen).

Jason handed him a folder and they went over kitchen terms and safety together, as well as proper hand washing techniques. They went over the recipe for the day together and slowly measured everything out. Chex Mix for the first lesson.

That kid was so proud. He grinned all the way home and offered everyone Chex Mix. He made more the morning of Thanksgiving and served it with the meal.

Al took him to his next lesson where he and Jason made salad together, working on knife skills.

His upcoming lesson (taking place next week), will be making Christmas Cookies! He had the choice of making cookies or a pie and was so excited to have a say in what he would be making next. He takes his folder with him each lesson and comes home with another recipe added to it.

Other things I love? When you think of cooking, do you ever think of math, reading, motor skills or even science? Jason works pieces of all these things – and more – into the lessons. I can already see the difference in the Big Guy’s confidence in the kitchen.

If you want to know more about Culinary Beginnings, you can visit them on Facebook, Instagram and their website here. Jason is running some awesome deals before the holidays. You can find them here. He caters to kids of ALL ages and even has family classes!

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