Yo Gabba Gabba

So I’m way behind on blogging today. Totally not giving this thing up, just shouldn’t have started my blog the day before my husband went on vacation for a week. That doesn’t equal productivity, that equals me trying to get things done, but generally goofing off.

Could NOT for the life of me come up with something to blog about today, even though any other time I feel like I have a million ideas. So here’s the thought for today – which has probably been covered tons of time already – but what can I say, I hadn’t paid much attention till now.

This afternoon my boys were sitting on the couch totally engrossed in Yo Gabba Gabba. I have always caught pieces, but never a full episode. The boys love DJ Lance, the yellow robot Plex and the green guy I would have bet my life was called Rhody (according to one of the boys) but apparently it’s Brobee. Anyway, I watch the orange bumpy guy Muno prancing around … and though what he looks like needs no introduction, in case you have never seen Yo Gabba Gabba he looks like… well… a bumpy ‘pee pee’. Yes, I’m using my boys language – because for now anyway, I’m keeping the blog language clean. (We’ll see how long That lasts!)

Then the orange bumpy guy gets joined by this white guy I have NEVER seen before – who looks just like him, but no bumps and all white. He’s got this sad face and they call him something like the crying monster. And everyone all dances around together and ALL I’m sitting there thinking is who is this guy in the condom and what’s he doing on my kids television show?!

I looked online to try and find a photo of him but I couldn’t seem to come up with one. At any rate, google Yo Gabba Gabba if you actually do not know this show. Someone please tell me I’m not the only one out there who sees this.

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