No longer my babies

I have a lot to update I know.  Last week was amazing being at Style Week Providence every night.  (Also exhausting, but I’ll live.)  Took a small hiatus for the week while I soaked it all in, wrote four articles for Buy-Her and still have two to go.  This weekend I have not been able to get past what tomorrow will bring.

Actual concrete evidence that I no longer have babies

All three of my boys start school tomorrow.  While the Big Guy has been in a pre-K for years, tomorrow it’s the big leagues Kindergarten.  And the twins?  Well the Bunny Bee and the Doodle Bop will be in the pre-K classroom right around the corner from the Big Guy’s kindergarten room. Same school.  Five mornings a week.  And so it begins.  The realization that I will never ever have babies home with me full time again.

Last week I was serious when I said Jules and I had been through enough having 3 babies each in just a year and a half, school needed to start and not be postponed after Hurricane Irene.  It felt like we had waited so long … only to have to stop and wait again.  The last few years felt like it took forever to go by in some respects.  I could not see getting here – to this day. 

And now that I am here?  And it’s all gone by?  All I can think about is these three little faces.

And wonder how it was we got here.

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