Sick day

The Bunny Bee is home sick today.

Which is pretty amazing because he hasn’t gotten sick since the first week of school (yeah, I said the first week. It took him all of 2 days). I think I have the unseasonably warmer weather to thank for holding off cold season longer – minus the pre Halloween snow that is.

After having a minor runny nose the last few days, he had a meltdown at bedtime over not being able to breathe. I thought he was exaggerating since he’d been fine earlier that night at my grandparents house. By 4:30 this morning all I could hear was crying from his room. Congested, could not breathe. Beside himself. Woke up his twin brother of course. I took him to my room to calm him down and the Doodle Bop followed of course. He would not sleep without him. By 5:30am they were both on the livingroom couch watching TV.

Believe me when I tell you that you would think the Bunny Bee has the plague. No temperature, still has an appetite… just the congestion… but oh the tears followed by the ‘whhhhy am i sickkkkk’. This morning on the way to take his brothers to school the most adorable thing happened. I turned the radio down a bit so I could hear what was being said better.

‘OK, don’t fweek out. Don’t panic. I’m going to school without you but I will be back very soon and I will miss you. I will even draw a picture for you’ said the Doodle Bop. Then I noticed he was looking at the Bunny Bee with such concern.

The Bunny Bee told him he needed to put his name on the picture so he would know it was his and the Doodle Bop agreed. Then the Doodle Bop said ‘Now I am going to give you a kiss on the forehead’ and I watched in the mirror as he put his arms around his twin to give him a hug and kissed his forehead. I melted. The Big Guy chimed in with ‘That’s right buddy and I’m gonna give you a high five’.

Moments like these I wish I could freeze.

(Maybe without the sickness part though.)


  1. Uhm. So, yeah. Your kids are pretty AWESOME! How sweet! This post made my day!! You're obviously doing something very right! You've raise some incredibly loving and caring sons! Good for you! And I hope Bunny Bee feels better soon!

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