Since the Internet became a thing!

Wow this is the least amount of time I have spent online in like… ever.  As in since the Internet became a thing.  Seriously y’all I don’t know what happened this week but it has been busy.  As in stretches of hours at a time I have not been able to get online. 

Which again deserves this face

Yesterday was appointment after appointment and by the time I made it to the Big Guy’s physical therapy session I had even lugged my laptop with me so I could get online (using my cell as a hot spot because I’m cool now like that).  Or rather Al is cool and set it up for me last week. 

But anyway…

So there I am sitting in the waiting room with only the Disney channel to occupy my time and the hot spot says it is connected, but still no Internet…on my cell OR my laptop.  Once again, unable to get anything done.

Al has been having trouble breathing again and the doctor recommended we give our bedroom a good cleaning to see if that helps at all… because we have been through so many other things already and they can’t figure out what is going on.  I spent over 4 hours from top to bottom, cleaning the ceiling fan, walls, mopping the floor and more.  I even threw out all the pillows and last night we went and got brand new ones… just in case.  I am on a mission to get to the bottom of this.  Not that I think this made any sort of difference but hey, now my bedroom is immaculate.  (Do not however take a look in the dining room… or the hallway.)

This morning I was so sore I told myself I was going to take any excuse I could get and NOT go to the gym, boot camp or not.  I went downstairs and right on top of the laundry sat my sports bra.  The one that was not, I assure you, sitting there last night.  Which just means Al was probably looking for something earlier and the pile got shuffled around. 

There are signs everywhere, I think to myself.  (Because its times like this that make me quote from Fools Rush In … what, like you don’t?)

So I take that as a sign that I am not supposed to skip out today and I get changed for the Y.  Dropped the kids at school, spent 15 minutes in Zumba and then switched over for Boot Camp.  And.I.Hurt!  Once I got the boys home from school I crashed on my bed for an hour and a half with my laptop and my cell – as if I was going to work.  And the boys must have woken me up like every.five.minutes.  No lie.  Is it time to go to Ella’s yet?  What about now?  Now? … When?

The answers were as follows: No. Not yet. NO! …  OK now.

As tired as I was (and still am) it was so nice to sit outside on an 80 degree day (in MARCH!) with Jen and Matt and watch the kids play.  The boys are now all in bed, I can barely move my upper body and there’s a cure for that.  Wine.  I hate myself for it but I drove myself to the liquor store to get some Merlot and came out with Ed Hardy Sangria instead.

Don’t judge.

Scratch that.  I’d judge you.  I mean Ed Hardy?!  Seriously now.

Organizing things for tomorrow and I think I’m just going to zone until bedtime.  Tomorrow though?  It’s a whole new day.  And I will be glued to the laptop working in overdrive.  Hit me up if you need me, aside from school pickup and drop off I will be online.  Catching up on work, writing some articles, and sorting out the password assignment situation for Buy-Her.  Possibly with an extra large iced coffee (or two) in my hand.

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