When I was a kid I was an avid Unsolved Mysteries watcher. In fact, I’ll even admit that sometimes I still watch the repeats. You know the part at the end of the mystery when they flash the words “Update” across the screen? I always loved that part. I had to see how things ended. I’m the girl how ends up googling random mysteries years later to see if they were solved.

No mysteries here, but I certainly needed to update things.

It’s been far too long since I have blogged. Every single night as I am drifting off to sleep, I start composing the post I am going to write the next day. On my morning drive home from taking the boys to school, I am again thinking about what I will write.

But then I walk in the door and I get sidetracked by so many other things. Today I made sure I opened up my blog before anything else.

Acting first. We made an agency change last month and I am beyond excited for this new beginning. While I loved where we were, we needed a change. I wanted something smaller. Two agents who we loved dearly from the original agency had left … and opened up their own agency. And that’s where we are! Andrew Wilson Agency.


The boys are thrilled to be back with Andrew and Julie and I just feel like such good things are about to happen.

The boys are still back and forth in NYC, but it comes and goes. I’m grateful for the busy times and I’m even learning to be grateful for the slow times that I used to stress over. However things happen they happen. It’s nice to get breaks.

Baseball season is starting and all three of my guys are finally in the same league, just split across two teams. I will take that over three any day. It will be strange when they play each other though! And even though baseball is just starting, it feels like football season too. Meetings have begun and signups are next week … even though practice doesn’t actually start till the end of the summer. I get to be one of the team moms this season! Not so excited about all the meetings, but I’ll take it for the chance to be more involved with my boys team.

And then there’s one more thing I’ve been working on. Super early stages. I’m putting together a fundraiser to help a dear friend of mine. Her son has mitochondrial disease and he is in need of a service dog. Want to know something crazy? Service dogs can cost about $20,000 … sometimes more. I had no idea. I love this family so much and am so proud to be able to try and help them. I’ll be updating here about it as I get further with the planning.

Anything else to add to my update? Oh yes. The boys have discovered my snapchat. So I leave you with this.






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