Four long months

Four long months of not blogging.

Life gets busy, things get in the way … and sometimes I get in this place where I feel … stuck. When I transitioned this blog from Cira’s Lyrics to SheBlogged, I had this idea that I would fill the pages here with things about acting on a daily basis. The truth is though, that sometimes things slow down. Yes, we were still in NYC frequently over the last few months … but without too much to say I didn’t know where that left this blog. I felt like if I wasn’t throwing out constant acting tips there wasn’t anything to say. I covered some of the most important things first and wasn’t sure where to go next.

I lost me again.

Because writing IS me.

I miss what I had, what I was building. I thought long and hard about the direction things were taking over the last two weeks and this is what I came up with. All things acting will still have a place here. And I will be resurrecting all things Buy-Her as well. That will have a place here too. Plus the old Cira’s Lyrics types of post about the kids, family, travel, fun and more. But moderation with all of it.

The last few weeks I started getting several hits on the acting posts I wrote months ago, as well as some other things. And it was so encouraging. Just when you think maybe no one is reading – people still are. But in all actuality, I write most for me. Because it’s what I love.

So I’m getting back to me. All the pieces of me.

The look of the blog will slowly be changing too and I am excited for that. Since I’m learning as I go, it won’t be an overnight change … but it will happen eventually. I’m happy to be getting things moving again. If there is anything you want to see here in this space, please let me know! I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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