Packing your “Go Bag”

That’s right, I said a Go Bag. Remember the bag you had packed when you were having kids, the one that you would rush to the hospital with when it was time? It’s sort of like that.

Only you will find you are forever changing what goes inside.

I didn’t have one when we did the movie. We packed the boys for inside their trailer – DVD’s to watch during their downtime, crayons, paper and coloring books, schoolwork and blankets. But that was it. They tell you no cell phones and no electronics on set. I took it a bit too literally at first, leaving even my cell phone behind in the trailer when I was on set with one of the kids.

What it really means is that they don’t want you taking photos, recording or disrupting filming. (And put that phone on silent!) By the 3rd day, I finally realized between scenes you need to occupy your child and it’s totally OK to hand them your cell phone filled with games when they get a break in-between filming. It’s also where a handheld video game system comes in quite handy. We didn’t have them then.

After the movie was filmed, I learned to pack my Go Bag. When things started picking up again audition wise for the boys, we were ready. The night before we have something scheduled, be it an audition or actual filming on set, I plug in and charge all of their DS game systems. I charge the iPad that we also loaded movies on in addition to games. After everything is charged, I pack it all – chargers included just in case we are lucky enough to be near plugs.

I actually pack 3 bags in one. In a clear gallon Ziploc bag, I throw in some healthy – and sometimes not so healthy – snacks. At the risk of sounding like Honey Boo Boo’s mom, add something sugary to that mix. Like pixie sticks. As much as I hate to admit it, after a long car ride, sometimes you need a little quick pick me up.

In another small bag, add what I like to call the essentials. I graduated from another clear Ziploc bag to a zippered first aid kit I found at Target and it works amazing. Any bag will do and one with a zipper is best because you can carry it with you when you need to. In this one, I make sure the following is stocked:

Wipes (wipes and more wipes) – and wet naps when you can find them

Hand lotion

Neosporin and Band-Aids

Nail clippers


Travel Hairspray

Chap stick

Small tub of Aquaphor

Colgate Wisp package (for teeth brushing on the go)


Cough Drops

Travel Tissues

Any meds needed – like an Epi pen, Benadryl, Tylenol, etc.

I can’t live without that bag specifically. I pull it out for last minute touch ups before an audition or on set and I have everything the boys need at my fingertips.

I put both of those small bags in a larger one that has the boys schoolwork, books to read, crayons, a pencil tin filled with sharpened pencils, paper, coloring books, video game systems, iPad, chargers and anything else they want to take that day – like a small case filled with Legos.

An extra set of clothes (socks and underwear included) is always a good idea as well. Spills and accidents happen when you least expect it and we have been almost 2 hours away from home for a big audition when one occurred with only an extra pair of pants I happened to find in the trunk.

Pack more than you need.

Really, once you pack it one time, you will be good to go. Keep it somewhere you can always find it – like your hall closet maybe – and just remember to add in your electronics and charging devices before you go. Replace your supplies when you get low so you won’t find yourself without.

Oh and one last thing. If you are traveling super early in the morning or know you will be coming back at night, it’s always a good idea to throw a blanket and a stuffed animal in the car for each kid. I add to that a glow stick when I remember, for my one who doesn’t like the dark. He can crack it open when it’s dark and relax in the back seat because there is just enough light.

Have any ideas for something to pack that I missed? Tell me in comments! I’d love to hear what you would pack!

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