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When it comes to agencies in Massachusetts (even all of New England really) that you can trust, it’s basically always been the big three. Cameo, Dynasty and Model Club Inc. While there are literally tons of agencies, these were the only three that were deemed reputable.

We applied to all three for the boys and got meetings with all of them. The boys were accepted by two already when we were waiting on a meeting with the third before making our final decision. It was the personal touch someone from Model Club put on everything, reaching out to me by phone after the meeting, that made me cancel the meeting with the third and sign the boys with Model Club.


And we haven’t ever regretted it one bit. We love it there!

I need to add a fourth agency to the list. AWA. Andrew Wilson Agency. It’s a newer agency. It didn’t exist when we were looking for agencies for the boys, but it’s run by someone who has been in the business a long time and I have a feeling it will be around for quite awhile.

When people ask me how you know if an agency is reputable, I have always told them you want them to be affiliated with SAG-AFTRA. Visit their website – go to SAG Franchised Agents – click on New England. They list the only agencies who are affiliated.

That being said, in getting this post ready I was surprised to find what look like some changes for New England.


Maggie is an agency for adults only – no kids. Leaving only AWA and Model Club currently listed as SAG affiliated for kids in New England. I’m not sure what happened to the others that were previously listed, but all I can say is go with your gut on this. Do your research. Ask questions. Only you can decide what is best for your child.

Know that when it comes to signing with an agency, you should never ever have to put up any money up front. If someone is trying to charge you to represent your child, my advice is to steer clear. Yes, there will be costs associated for professional photos and things … but you should never have to pay an agent to take on your child. I have heard so many stories along the way from parents who got taken in by someone before they realized it wasn’t right.

Google is your friend.

It always helps to speak with other people in the business as well.

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