Catching up

Did I really write the last post almost two weeks ago? That’s not good. My goal is daily here.

I think it’s just a matter of getting back into a good routine. It’s been a little chaotic the last week or so between extra football practices and more. The twins’ team made the playoffs (which was surprising) and we have been gearing up for that. And then there’s CCD, school work, soccer, guitar and drums. No auditions in the last two weeks but I should be thankful because I’m not sure where we would fit that with the extra football practices over the last week.

This may be the last week for football. It’s getting so cold out so I can’t say I mind. Although now that I have said it might be the last week, you know that means we will go on for three more, right? Wrestling starts in about two weeks but that schedule thankfully won’t be as crazy as football was, so I think we will all be able to breathe.

I also got a little sidetracked trying to learn all I can about something new I have started doing. I’ve been using doTerra essential oils with the boys for the last year or so (thanks to my dear friend Laura). She got me motivated and gave me the courage to start selling them myself. I’ll add some things about that to the blog periodically.

Right now I have to get a move on cleaning some football gear for Homecoming and get to work on some signs for the parade. Next week will be full of posts over here I promise. And it will all begin with how you can start getting your child involved with acting – as promised. I will even include how my boys got involved.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


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