After nearly a year, I finally have a home again. At times, it felt like it might never happen.

It’s not as pretty as I wanted it to look. I’ll get to a revamp eventually. But I needed to start writing again.

A little bit about the changes first. I blogged back on MySpace (eek) when my oldest was a baby. Maybe even before that. I had an anonymous blog when the boys were all tiny that I wiped clean. In some ways, I have always been writing. Over 5 years ago I launched Cira’s Lyrics. It was all about life, my kids, being the mom of 3 small boys … and chaos. So much chaos. It was an outlet I desperately needed. I wrote at Buy-Her, I got to travel and write at 5 Minutes for Mom for awhile. I freelanced.

As my boys got bigger, I started taking care of social media for small businesses. I write the Launch Trampoline Park blog for all of their locations. But things needed to change with Cira’s Lyrics. It was the hardest decision to stop writing there last year. I felt like I lost a piece of me for so many reasons. Who was I if I didn’t have my blog.

I was busy with so many things and something had to give. It also felt like it was time to start watching what I wrote about online when it came to the boys. Toddler and small kid stuff made for great stories, but the bigger they were getting, the less they wanted on the blog. I wanted to respect that.

All the old stuff? Still here and searchable.

Where am I going with SheBlogged?

It will still be a little about the boys, the husband, places we go and even some reviews just like before. But SheBlogged will have a big focus on something new. It’s no secret my boys are actors. While it started by accident, it has picked up steam and they love it. I am asked on an almost daily basis how to get kids involved. What it takes, where to go, who to trust. We’ve been at this a few years now and I’d love to share it all with you. Everything I have learned along the way – even things I am still learning – all included here.

I don’t consider myself one of those stage moms you hear about. I’m just a mom taxi really. I’ll also throw in a little bit of what it’s like trying to juggle it all.

I hope you come back and visit. I’m excited to share the ride with you.


  1. So glad you’re writing again! I’m in the same boat – stopped writing but missing it terribly. This fall/winter may be time to bring it back. So excited for the new direction. Today, for the first time, my girls expresed an interest in acting after doing a commercial for a friend. Can’t wait to learn more!

  2. I’m here and I’m glad you’re back . I’m looking forward to the ride with you!

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