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*Disclosure: I was given a Sol Republic x Motorola DECK 1500-10 speaker in exchange for a blog post and social media promotion. This is my honest review. Stick with me, because at the end of this I get to give one away to a reader!*

I’m the kind of girl that has to have music on all the time. Always have been. And I am always singing.

For some reason I never thought to add a radio to my kitchen when I am cooking – so I will end up opening my laptop up and playing music there, or from my cell phone. It works OK, but I feel like I can never get it as loud as I would like it. And have you ever tried dragging a laptop from room to room while you are cleaning? Just so you can hear your playlist? Not so fun.

I never really gave much thought to something like a wireless speaker. That’s sort of my husband’s department. He’s up on those things. Sol Republic contacted me about reviewing a wireless speaker and I jumped at the chance to try one out.

Honestly, I had no idea how much I would love it. I hoped it would make things easier, sound better … but I really wasn’t sure what kind of a difference it would make. The package came with the SOL REPUBLIC x Motorola DECK 1500-10 speaker (featuring R2 Sound Engines and 360Ā° Full Sound for immersive audio) and my oldest held it proudly.

Even my 8 year old knew what it was for! Ours came in the lemon lime color, with an AC adapter, USB charging cable, audio cable and a case. (I love the stretchy black case!)

Once we charged it up (charges amazingly fast by the way!) and synched it to my cell phone, I had access to my entire playlists and radio stations. The sound quality was great and I could get it as loud – or as quiet – as I wanted it. I was jamming out in my kitchen while cooking and later cleaning up.

My husband is in love with it’s Heist Mode, which lets you pair up to 5 devices, so your friends can take turns controlling the speaker. Which means he can play his music on it too.

After that, we realized it could pretty much go anywhere with us. We throw it in the car and it goes just about everywhere with us. We played a few hours of music at a park while having a family cookout.

We took it to the beach and played music while the kids built sand castles. (See it right there on top of the polka dot cooler bag?)

I’m going to be upfront here. It was retailing for about $199.99 though you can now find it $149.99 (with free shipping) through the Sol Republic website. I know the price seems high – or at least it did to me. But after the last 2 weeks of using it I can tell you it is WELL worth the price.

With school starting this week, the possibilities for what we can do with this – and where we can take it – are almost endless because it’s so small and compact. My cell is always with me and it’s easy to throw the speaker in a bag and just go. Those hours we sometimes spend sitting waiting for auditions for the boys? It’s coming with us – quietly. Before and after swim lessons? It can go to the pool too! Boys want to play a bit on the playground after school? They can rock their tunes. (They haven’t stopped playing with the deck since it came home.)

It even has an option for speakerphone, enabling hands-free calls.

In addition to their website, you can also follow Sol Republic on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Enter below on the Rafflecopter for a chance at winning a Sol Republic deck for yourself! (Open to residents of the US and Canada only. You can only win once with Sol Republic in a 6 month period.) After you enter my giveaway (which will be shipped to you from the company, color of the deck not guaranteed), head on over to my friend Mama Loves Media and enter for another chance to win there!


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  1. This would be awesome for my daughter going to dollege

  2. This Looks Killer Awesome! I Love Music! Everywhere!

  3. this would come with us to our pool!

  4. Outside while the kids and I play šŸ™‚

  5. I would take my deck to Las Vegas!

  6. I would take it outside on my deck

  7. I'd take my deck outside and to the beach.

  8. I would take it any time I traveled!

  9. Outside. My kids LOVE to listen to music

  10. my weekend trip to jersey!

  11. Love this and can attest to how awesome it sounded right there "on that polka dot cooler bag"! šŸ˜‰

  12. I would take the deck out on my DECK! Love me some deck parties!

  13. It would come everywhere with me! The beach, the pool in our backyard, the deck… we always love to have music with us. How cool!

  14. I'd love to take it to the park while my daughter plays!

  15. I'd take it to my hot tub to listen to music šŸ™‚

  16. I'd take it where ever I wanted to listen to music

  17. Perfect for a day at the park or working in my garden.

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