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As usual, it’s been a whirlwind around here trying to balance everything – school starting – and so much more. My heart had been feeling heavy the last few days as September 11th drew closer. We were all up early yesterday morning because the twins were scheduled to film a commercial together in Connecticut and as I got the boys ready, I told the Big Guy I didn’t want him watching the news … especially today. (How many kids do you know that sneak the news? I have one.)

The boys and I were out the door just after 6am and I found myself listening to Z100 out of NY on the way as they remembered 9/11. A town over from where the commercial was to be filmed, flags lined both sides of the street all the way down the main road and I found myself in tears as I tried to explain to the boys why the flags were there. I silently told myself I would find positive things in this day – even if we had just spent nearly 3 hours in and out of traffic driving to the set.

Believe it or not, this was the first time I was able to see the boys film anything together. When they did the movie, they were switched in and out. The Doodle Bop has done commercials since, but this was the Bunny Bee’s first – and I was thrilled they got to do this together as brothers.

I love watching the boys film. I stand there in awe of that fact that they are my babies. I don’t think that I could do what they can do – and yet there they are, doing it. They showed up exhausted between not sleeping well the night before and the long car ride there … but the moment it was time for them to start filming? They were on. Smiling, laughing, following directions. Getting it done. Like professionals. Only they are 7 year old kids. They even picked up an extra scene or two, replacing a child who was having a rough time.

They got their school work done in between scenes and occupied themselves with coloring, the iPad and video games after that. It was an incredibly long day. I watched them smile, tell jokes, and after lunch have to eat more cereal and pizza for takes than I thought would fit in their stomachs. They didn’t complain once in their 9 hours on set (not counting the do I have to do my homework complaint).

On the way home, we called Al and the Big Guy to chat. The Big Guy filled the twins in on his day, even asking about theirs and how they did – and told them the dog missed them and so did he. The Big Guy told me he made another new friend, and I was so excited for him. Not to mention so proud of how he spoke to his brothers.

I listened to the twins talk a bit on the way home, and I heard the Doodle Bop sleepily say “Congratulations on your first commercial by the way, you did a great job!” The Bunny Bee thanked him.

And then my heart exploded.

We were out of the house a total of 14 hours and everyone would be going to bed later than I wanted on a school night. We let them all watch a little TV together to decompress, and then it was bedtime.

I expected fights and tears this morning from over tired kids. Instead, I had semi happy guys ready for school. How they can transition like that, I don’t even know.

All of that? That’s my positive. Through the stress, the chaos … those boys … they melt my heart and I couldn’t be more proud of all 3 of them.

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