My last baby

Here we are.

Another month has gone by without a blog post. I swear I am jumping back into this. I miss it like crazy. Writing is who I am. But as usual, life is crazy.

We are in a constant state of packing – unpacking – and packing. Settled in again, but looking ahead to the next. (More on that later.) The boys had their very first trip to Disney. And we have been on the go ever since.

Sometimes I get caught up in the chaos that is our day to day routine. A little voice this morning made me slow down. This guy came downstairs before his brothers got up to tell us his front tooth came out. Last week he lost the first front tooth and I knew it was just a matter of time. It took me a few moments … but then it hit me. My last baby to lose his front teeth.

Again, I want time to stop.

He crawled under the covers and told me how excited he was to see the tooth fairy again. And that pretty soon he was going to be 8. I told him he still had almost a year to go and how about we just be 7 for now. Or maybe Mommy would have to find Dr. Doofenshmirtz and shrink him back to say … age 3 or 4. He gave me the biggest smile (oh my gosh no front teeth!) and told me Mommy that’s just an animated cartoon.


I need ET.

Or Dr. Doofenshmirtz’s shrinkinator.

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